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Fractal galleries | Links to russian fractals

This list was constructed by the help of yahoo fractals and other search engines.

Big list of links to fractal pages:

The Chaos MetaLink - scientific society.
What is fractal?(Fractal World) - introduction to the mysterious world of fractal geometry.
Fractal icon archive - good collection of backgrounds.
Fractint Fractal Page - dedicated to the Fractint Fractal generation program written by the Stone Soup Group.
Fractint Wishlist Page - place to submit your wants and wishes for fractint.
FracZoom Navigator 24 Bit - realtime zoom-able fractal computation and rendering.
Sean Reed's Fractal Resource Page - contains fractint-based fractals and links.
Chaffey's Fractal Links to fractal information, programs, articles and other fractal related pages on the Internet.
The Amateur Chaologist, - very interesting introduction to fractals, programs and very good gallery
Ansiman - allows you to create images of the Mandelbrot Set using color ANSI escape sequences.
Big Al's Fractals - a collection of 40 fractal images.
Bud's Fractal Pages - images; IFS fractals and cellular automata.
Chaos and Fractals - (does site exists?)
Fantastic Fractals - (does site exists?)
Contours of the Mind - Exhibition Page - celebration of fractal geometry, feedback, and chaos.
Feigenbaum fractal - a full run-through.
Fractal Art - devoted to the basic understanding of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.
Fractal Explorer - simple tutorial on Mandelbrot and Julia sets with a nice image gallery.
Fractal Movie Archive - big list of fractal films in gzip-format by Frank Roussel.
Brad Johnson's Fractals - explanations of the routines used to produce many types of fractals.
Mandelbrot Sets - some information on the fractals of Mandelbrot and others.
Fractals Unit - teaches fractal geometry to elementary and middle school students by explaining what the cool pictures are all about: math and fun.
FractalZone - gallery and information about fractals.
Fractory: An Interactive Tool for Creating and Exploring Fractals - educational site designed by students which lets you design your own fractal and learn about their uses and the mathematics used to generate them.
Free Cloud's Fractal Land - images, history and explanations.
Groupe Fractales - develops theoretical tools in the field of fractal geometry, in order to finely analyze complex signals, for purposes of modeling, prediction, and synthesis.
HOP - Fractals in Motion - fractal generator and shareware screensaver based on Hopalong and Gumowski/Mira attractors.
Julian's Fractal Page - contains several galleries of fractal art by Julian Adamaitis and a non-technical discussion of fractals.
Mandelbrot/Julia Set Generator Program - download the Fractal Image Creator, a user friendly program for everyone. Documentation is also available, including easy math and bibliography.
McTaylor's Fractal Archive - includes sci.fractals FAQ, a mirror of Frank Roussel's Fractal archive at CNAM (France), and Noel Giffin's Spanky Fractal Database (Canada).
Millefiori - generates chaotic images reminiscent of Italian paperweights.
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Interactive fractals:
Chaos Club - interactive teleconference and website introducing Chaos Theory and Fractals to middle school students and teachers.
Fractory, The - interactive tool for creating and exploring fractals.
Fractal Image by Zusheng Rao.
Fun with Fractals - fracle generator that allows you to set the Z exponent to a non-integer value producing folded Mandelbrot/Julia Sets.
Julia and Mandelbrot Set Explorer by David E. Joyce is a very interesting interactive cgi - program.
Mandelbrot Explorer by Panagiotis J. Christias. Interactive program and big images archive.
Test Fractal Generator. Maintained by Chris Seidel. Genertor and some not bad pictures.
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Links to fractal galleries:

Gumbycat's Cyberhome - One of the best galleries that I see.
Chebyshev fractals - Non standart perfect fractals and other interesting galleries of this artist.
Fractal world - programs, links, many beautiful (3d and 2d) pictures.
Infinite Fractal Loop - Large collection of links to Fractal Art.
Crazy Fractals Page - very good fractal gallery.
Having Fun with Hydra - a 3D look at the 2D fractals.
Ordered Vision - small collection of beautiful pictures.
Fractal Images on Internet - Big collection of good images of various athors

A Modest Gallery of Mandelbrot - some good images of Mandelbrot set.
Wild fractal backgrounds - a few simple pictures.
Images of Chaos - a not bad, but not revolutionary gallery of images.
Miguel's fractal gallery - small pictures collection.
LeRoy's fractal gallery - some not bad pictures.
Big fractal image of Jared's Homepage.
3D Strange Attractors - renderings of 3-dimensional Strange Attractors.
Fractal Gallery of Konrad Abmeier - some pictures.
Baker, Art - original Fractal thumbnails you can click on to see the full-size image.
Berry, Rob - when creating fractals, I try to avoid the cliches of the genre, and to show the viewer something fresh and unique.
Bliss, Alden - animated fractal movies using the GIF89a standard of multi-image GIF files. Nice for Web pages, economical use of bandwidth.
Carlson's Fractal Gallery - fractals uniquely rendered with a 3D look.
Chaos and the Obvious Fractal Gallery - gallery of virtual photography. These images have all been brought on display because they resemble... something.
Mike's fractals - a very good pictures of Mike deCock.
Don Archer's U-draw Fractals - fractal art, music, big gallery of excelent pictures.
Fractal Artwork Exhibits - good collection of unusual fractals.
Fractal Domains Gallery - fractal images generated with FracPPC.
Fractal Flames - big collection of high-quality fractals, animation.
Fractal Gallery at 01network - animations, stills, and other warped images. Site enhanced with JavaScript.
Fractal Images - 6 pictures of Mandelbrot and Julia sets
Fractal Journeys - devoted to displaying the amazing Mandelbrot set. There are many images and a non-technical explanation of how they are made.
Fractal Microscope, The - an interactive tool designed to explore the Mandelbrot set and other fractal patterns.
Fractal Pictures & Animations of CNAM Paris.
Fractals and Automata - fractal Julia Set generator and cellular automata exhibit.
Harmony in Chaos - unique and unusual fractal art, fractal and chaos basics, non-fractal computer art and more.
KPT Fractal Explorer Images - DiP Gallery contains 24-bit fractals created with Kai's Power Tools.
Lebow, Don - original graphics created with Fractint.
Mandelbrot Exhibition - on-line exhibition on Mandelbrot and fractals, made available as part of the Virtual Museum of Computing.
Mandelbrot Slide Show - Some not bad pictures.
Musgrave, Ken
Richard's Fractal Gallery - fractals and composite images made using Fractint and Kai's Power Tools, scanned images, and video captures.
Sager, Mike - fractals created with Fractint: images, animations, and links.
Sekino's Fractal Gallery - includes an easy guide to plot fractals.
Spanky Fractal Database
Sprott's Fractal Gallery - gallery of fractal art, mostly produced automatically by a computer program that searches through large classes of equations for visually interesting patterns.
Tom's Computer Generated Art Gallery
Virtual Space-Time Travel Machine - scientific visualization.
Webb, Sharon - fractal images, archives, galleries and "fractalscapes." Truecolor fractal images by Sharon Webb are created with the Flarium program using her own formulae.
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